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From Way Down
(Poetry and Prose)

From Way Down is a compilation of poetry and prose - a mix of inspirations and daydreams, thoughts and wishes.  It is all those things that could have been or still might be in the making;  love, beauty, or divine intervention.  Titles include:  Fantasy Island, Contentment and Peace, You Guys, Relationships, My Grandma Sang me a Song, Easy to Remember, Wonders to Behold, and twenty-two others.  (60 Pages)  $9.95



Tripping Over Shadows


Tripping Over Shadows is a love story to remind you that nothing in life is promised.  Excerpt:   "It's amazing how history sometimes repeats itself.  There are always shadows from the past lurking to remind you to watch out so you don't trip again. Now, it's back to Patti LaBelle's "I Dont Go Shopping Anymore".   (78 Pages)  $4.95


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